Learn why we should eat pistachios

Countries like Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan, They are producing lands of a succulent food that is consumed with great regularity throughout the world. The pistachios They are a fruit that is born from the plant that bears the same name, and is known as alfoncigo or pistachio.

Its scientific name is Pistacia vera, the trees from which they are born take 10 years to grow for considerable production and their flavor has an addictive touch between salty and sweet; that made it a food for the great Babylonian kings.

Pistachio has proven properties that benefit the nervous, circulatory and immune systems.

If you have never eaten it, then read the following article and after that, go to the nearest store and buy a good dose to enjoy it as a delicious snack in the afternoon.


This rich food is composed of 20% of proteins, a fairly large percentage that has nothing to envy to meat proteins. However, remember that because it is a dried fruit, you should eat it in less quantity.

In addition, it contributes 28% of carbohydrates which are slowly absorbed, that is, they are gradually metabolized.

It also contains fiber and 44.5% of vegetable fats, for which it is recommended to eat it in small quantities so as not to contribute to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases.

However, its oleic content is good for strengthening the heart.

Only behind sesame, it is the food that most iron provides in the daily diet, being also an important source of potassium.

Similarly, it is a antioxidant which helps prevent coronary heart disease, and slow the onset of inflammatory processes.

Benefits of a complete food

Take care of the heart

Pistachios are rich in fitoesteroles Y fats, two compounds that help prevent diseases that damage the heart; the most common being arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure.

In addition, as it is a food that provides lutein prevents oxidation of cholesterol.

Avoid anemia

Being a food rich in iron, it is listed with a very good reputation among patients suffering from anemia.

Similarly, as it contains copper, facilitates the assimilation of the mineral contained in pistachios.

Do not hesitate to accompany it with C vitamin for a better result.

Pistachios are the perfect snack for a warm afternoon.

Eyesight protective food

As we said previously, it contains lutein and carotenes, two essential elements for visual health.

It is related to a lower incidence regarding the appearance of cataracts, and other diseases related to ocular degeneration.

It could prevent vision loss and improve vision at night.

Obesity and diabetes

Diabetics should consume this food for a simple and valid reason: It is rich in fiber.

The latter makes the pistachio serve for regulate the activity of intestinal transit. Additionally it helps control sugar.

As it has the ability to regulate the glycemic load of other items such as potatoes and bread, diabetics can use it without problems for the well-being of their health.

On the other hand, people who suffer from obesity they can consume pistachios, in order to control their appetite when they are losing weight.

For good sex

In Syria there is a belief that pistachios have aphrodisiac powers, since according to the Arab doctor Avicenna it is an “aromatic food that comforts the stomach and excites”.

By containing zinc Y arginine, two compounds related to male sexual performance and erections, it is believed that this belief stems from.

Pistachio: A food with a great gastronomic presence

The green pistachio is the one that is most cultivated in the world, being almost always present in ice cream and pastries.

Likewise, in Mediterranean cuisine it is used to make all kinds of pestos, mix them with couscous and quinoa, as well as in salads.

It can be present even in cookies, custards and the most daring tartlets.

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