LeBron James warned the NBA about his return: ‘A thunderstorm is coming’ | Los angeles lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Miami Heat on Thursday night in the NBA, a game that again had LeBron James and Anthony Davis absent. The two franchise players continue to recover from respective injuries, although their returns to the courts are getting closer and closer.

La Ceja continues to recover from his problem in the Achilles tendon area, while the King suffers a sprained right ankle. What is the result with both players absent? Four wins and six losses, falling from the top of the Western Conference to fifth.

Fortunately for Frank Vogel and all the Lakers, LeBron and AD are very close to returning to official activity. So much so that James, on his personal Instagram account, launched a cryptic message where a warning – another one – to the rest of the NBA world can also be understood.

LeBron James’ message to the entire NBA

“The meteorologist says the weather will change soon and predicts a storm is coming. People prepare and take appropriate precautions to stay safe. “LeBron wrote on his Instagram account, along with an image where he and Anthony Davis are seen.

Although James wants to return soon, the New York Times revealed what would be the dates of the returns of both players. The first to return would be the former New Orleans Pelicans next Thursday, April 15, while James would do so at the end of April. LeBron’s message only increased rumors of a closer return.


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