It was a very poor performance that Leeds United fans witnessed as the Whites went to Charlton Athletic in The Valley. However, the performance was not the worst in this game.

This honor was the allegation against Leeds Keeper Kiko Casilla, who emerged from the game and was the allegations that he had insulted with racist undertones in Charlton, lent striker Jonathan Leko. In itself, it is a claim that Casilla denies emphatically.

The Spanish stopper, who was in the books of Real Madrid until his transfer to Leeds, has to face official charges until next Tuesday, November 12th. It is believed that he will request a personal meeting to bring forward his defense.

United are currently flying high in the Sky Bet championship and much of that success comes from the backbone of Casilla's eight penalties, which were always present for whites this season. It was a campaign that also boosted his self-confidence, bringing many Leeds fans back to his side.

This series of allegations and allegations is now part of an official indictment of the FA, an indictment that severely restrains Leeds United boss Angus Kinnear in one respect. In his program notes before today's game against Blackburn, Kinnear draws attention to the burden of proof that the FA demands for maintaining the indictment.

While Kinnear fully supports the FA in their investigations, the club's "only concern" was the "standard of proof" required for the hearing of the FA. Kinnear points out that the FA demands the proof "for the balance of probability". This puts them in conflict with the burden of proof that a British court requires "beyond any doubt" – something that Kinnear finds alarming.

In concluding his notes, Kinnear affirms that it is not a matter of a parochial fear of FA sanctions, but of a problem, "because the reputation of a man (Casilla) is at stake."