Pablo Hernandez is an "incredible" player who, according to Alan Hutton, has taken his Leeds United game to "another level".

I speak exclusively with Football InsiderThe former full-backs of Villa, Tottenham and Rangers admitted that the Spanish attacker was an extremely difficult opponent for him.

Hutton explained how the 34-year-old has the tricks, skills and know-how to make up for his lack of speed.

Asked by Football Insider How difficult it is to defend himself against Hernandez, Hutton replied: "It's difficult, it's so difficult, it's incredible in terms of skills, and you have to be on.

"As a full-back, I think it's getting harder nowadays because the winger has taken himself to another level, which means that full-backs need to do the same.

"He's just another example of another outstanding winger, you think you have these players, you think," Well, I'm faster than him, so he does not do anything. "

"These players are very difficult to score, as I said before, there are so many teams that have players with these skills, and that obviously makes it much harder."

Hernandez was one of three Leeds players – along with Pontus Jansson and Liam Cooper – and was named to the PFA Championship of the Year last season.

In the new season, there was no sign that his strength was easing. Marcelo Bielsa started in all six league games of United, where he had hit twice and recorded two assists.

In other news from Leeds United, it is clear that the club will lose a lender star after the January window changes.