Lefties, the new space in the l’Epicentre de Sagunto Shopping Center

The L’Epicentre de Sagunto Shopping Center already has an opening date for Lefties. The appointed day will be the next Thursday 6 May, when it will open its doors to the public. But first, on Wednesday at five in the afternoon, he will receive a visit from the mayor and municipal representatives to carry out the official inauguration. This opening is being one of the most anticipated in recent years. According to sources from the Center’s management, ” calls and messages interested in the exact day of this inauguration “.

Lefties, with its latest store design, aims with a cutting-edge style, attract all types of public, since its proposal of clothing, accessories and footwear, men, women and children. It will also bring the brand closer to the public of Valencia and North of Valencia, since it will be the second store to open in Valencia. Lefties currently has more than 150 stores in 6 countries and continues its expansion throughout Spain, choosing l’Epicentre as one of the reference Shopping Centers for its growth.

In a few days from the opening of Lefties, the opening of JD Sport will take place, a British company considered a world leader in the field of urban sportswear and sneakers, belonging to the JD Sports Fashion Plc group.

JD Sport is currently in full expansion throughout Spain and has also selected the l’Epicentre Shopping Center as a point of reference to continue with its expansion, betting on a store where we can find top sports brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, North Face, Under Armor, Vans … with their latest designs.

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Another of the dates that the Center has announced is the opening of Xiaomi, which took place on May 3. The technology company dedicated to the design, development and sale of smartphones, apps and many other cutting-edge products at the moment, within the technology sector, was founded in 2010 with a vision of the future always focused on technological innovation being accessible to everyone. Another of their priorities is the high quality of their products to which they always apply the latest technology, their product concept is: “Cutting-edge technology available to everyone.” It is currently the best-selling brand in the last year, occupying more than 33% of the market share in Spain.

The store is located on the first floor of the Shopping Center with a 135 square meter store where customers of the Shopping Center will be able to find: Mi and Redmi smartphones, Mi TV and decoders, Mi Routers and Mi Esosistema products, including personal accessories or accessories. smart houses.

Finally l’Epicentre has announced that it continues to add new brands to its facilities, this time it is the brand PEPCO, currently considered “the Polish Primark”, The one that will open a store of approximately 800 square meters in the Shopping Center, being the first store of the group, in Valencia. PEPCO is currently considered a leader in Central Europe with more than 3,000 stores AND 20,000 employees. Faced with all these communications, from the shopping center they affirm that “l’Epicentre grows in textiles and restaurants, positioning itself as the best shopping and leisure option in the North of Valencia”.


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