LEGO 40179 Personalized Mosaic now available in the LEGO Online Shop

LEGO 40179 Personalized Mosaic

Anyone who has always wanted to build a personalized mosaic, but has not been able to visit the LEGO flagship store required for this, can now “enjoy” their own mosaic. As of today, the LEGO 40179 Personalized Mosaic Portrait in the German LEGO online shop listed and can be ordered there.

Your personalized mosaic can then be created using the Online Mosaik Makers (currently only available in English), so that you can then create a kind of manual in a personalized form with which the mosaic can be built.

I myself had the LEGO 40179 mosaic created in the LEGO flagship store in Amsterdam and, to put it mildly, I am rather dissatisfied with the result. It is therefore very pleasant that you with the Online Mosaik Maker first try out what your mosaic would look like in the end before you actually have to buy the set. My personal experience after a little trial and error is that the mosaic rarely looks really good.

LEGO Mosaic MakerLEGO Mosaic Maker

The new LEGO Art Mosaics in particular show how old-fashioned the LEGO 40179 Personalized Mosaic has become. It is built entirely from square tiles, which constantly leads to slightly crooked tiles during construction, which can be quite annoying on closer inspection. In addition, the personalized mosaic is made entirely of the colors white, yellow, light gray, dark gray and black, while the LEGO Art mosaics are, for example, in the Beatles mosaics also allow other skin tones and a much wider range of colors.

Furthermore, the personalized mosaic is simply built on a 48 x 48 baseplate and otherwise just consists of 900 1 × 1 plates and a part separator. For only 20, – Euro more (or in the retail trade thanks to discounts effectively significantly less) you get a better selection of parts and a really stable substructure that is also suitable for hanging the mosaic on the wall.

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So you see: I personally cannot really recommend the personalized LEGO 40179 mosaic and would rather recommend using other means and the parts introduced at LEGO Art to create your own mosaic. We will soon examine this topic in more detail. Nevertheless, we would like to point out the availability of the mosaic in this country, because maybe it is still relevant for one or the other collector. 🙂

Have you already had experience with the LEGO 40179 Personalized Mosaic Portrait? Or do you have any questions about the set? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments!

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