LEGO 71031 Marvel Minifigure Series is coming in Summer 2021

LEGO 71031 Marvel Minifiguren Serie

Great news for all LEGO Super Heroes fans: After we received a LEGO 71026 DC minifigure series in January 2020, we have now confirmed that we can actually expect the LEGO 71031 Marvel minifigure series in summer 2021.

A corresponding rumor has been around for a few months, but was primarily based on the fact that we got a minifigure series about the DC universe a year ago. Now the dealer also tells us Libraries from Spain that behind the set number 71031 (which is clearly a set number for a minifigure series) hides the comic universe of Marvel.

It’s exciting to see which minifigures the series (which will probably be back 12 figures will include). In DC, a mixture of well-known characters and less known heroes and antagonists was published. A similar approach could be used with the LEGO 71031 Marvel Minifigure series. Whether the design of the minifigure series is more based on the comics or the films is also not yet known, although we would guess the comic variants (analogous to the DC minifigures).

The price of the minifigure series is probably included again in Germany 3,99 Euro, in the US will continue 4,99 US-Dollar due. As in previous years, this third minifigure series (after the LEGO 71029 minifigures series 21 and the LEGO 71030 Looney Tunes minifigures) will be in the August 2021 appear.

What do you think of a LEGO 71031 Marvel minifigure series? Are you looking forward to the figures? And which characters would you wish for? Would you prefer characters from the films or from the comics? We look forward to your thoughts on the upcoming collection series in the comments.

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