LEGO Ideas Contest “We love sports!” – Will there be an additional set?

Ideas Contest Sports 2021

Update (February 22, 10:40 am): At the turn of the year we drew your attention to the Ideas competition “We love sports!”. The contest is now in the second phase. The ten best ideas were selected from the many submissions, and you can vote on them until February 25th. We introduce you to the candidates.

The Ideas team had to sift through a total of 877 suggestions over the past few weeks in order to find the ten best ideas. Now you can vote for your favorites in the fan voting. The fan voting continues until February 25 and the winner is expected to be announced on March 4th. Regardless of the fan voting, LEGO will check whether one of the candidates will have what it takes to make the next set of ideas. This decision should be communicated with the next review results.

These designs are available:

Michael Jordan: Basketball Legend from Brixter

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports JordanLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Jordan

Tribute to Youth-Skateboarding by Hsinwei Chi

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports SkateboardLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Skateboard

The Soul of the Rings by theAmazingLegoBananalas

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports Olympic RingsLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Olympic Rings

Sumo by Cugram

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports SumoLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Sumo

Foosball Table by Constructions by Donat

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports KickerLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Kicker

Fifa World Cup (Full Size) by Estebrick

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports Fifa World CupLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Fifa World Cup

Ballerina (With Power UP Function) by Sebastian97

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports BallerinaLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Ballerina

The Butterfly and the Bee by johannd

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports Butterfly BeeLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Butterfly Bee

Posable Olympic Statue by _MrB_

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports Olympic StatueLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Olympic Statue

Tour De France Lead Cyclist Mechanical Model by ConductionProductions

LEGO Ideas Contest Sports Tour De FranceLEGO Ideas Contest Sports Tour De France

Original post (January 3): In the days between Christmas and New Year we had shifted down a gear. We almost missed the tender for an interesting Ideas Contest (competition). Normally we rarely report on the contests, but there is one special feature here.

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On December 28th, the Ideas team published the call for entries for the next Ideas Contest. By Blogpost was informed about the general data of the new competition “We love Sports!”. Ideas users can upload their ideas on specific topics at the events that take place regularly. The winners usually receive small but fine prizes. Finally, the Star Wars X-Mas-Contest for some excitement because some thought the contest entry picture was the next LEGO employee X-Mas set 2020.

This time, however, it is worth taking a look at the conditions, because there we find a surprise: Similar to the contest “Music to our ears!“There will be a two-part assessment. On the one hand, the Ideas team will define a preselection of ideas that users can then vote on in a fan voting.

In a second review can it comes to that from this competition a new official ideas set emerges. At the “Music to our ears” contest last September, Ideas decided on the “Legendary Stratocaster“By TOMELL as the first Ideas Contest special set.

LEGO Ideas Legendary StratocasterLEGO Ideas Legendary Stratocaster

If you want to take part in the competition, you can make your contribution until February 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. on the Ideas page. The exact Contest conditions of participation can be found in the blog post.

The prizes are also impressive, because the winner of the fan voting receives:

  • Your own LEGO trophy
  • All LEGO Ideas sets from 2020:
    • 21321 International Space Station
    • 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay
    • 21323 concert grand piano
    • 21324 123 Sesame Street
  • The next LEGO Ideas Set (Medieval Forge)
  • A LEGO Ideas cloth bag
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Ideas Contest Sport 2021 WinnerIdeas Contest Sport 2021 Winner

If the Ideas team selects a set from the competition entries for the next Ideas set, this will be considered with the usual Ideas remuneration:

  • 1% of net sales
  • 10x euer LEGO Ideas Set
  • Attribution and introduction of the fan designer in the Ideas set materials (instructions)

How does it go from here?

The Ideas team first collects all submissions. These must be submitted no later than February 8, 12:00 noon Danish time. However, Ideas already advises you to upload the post two to three days earlier if you have any questions.

In the period from February 8th to 15th, the jury will determine the 10 best ideas from all submissions. The Ideas users can then vote on the winner in the fan voting. The voting is expected to last until February 25th and the winners of the fan voting are to be announced on March 4th.

Ideas Contest Sport 2021 VotingIdeas Contest Sport 2021 VotingAll drafts that have qualified for fan voting will be checked for possible implementation by the Ideas team, regardless of the vote. In the best case can So another set of ideas can be selected from the TOP 10. The decision, ob if we receive another additional set of ideas, this will take place when the next regular review decisions are announced. In our estimation, that should be between the end of May and mid-June.

How do you find the idea of ​​possibly getting an additional set of ideas in this way? Have you already participated in an Ideas Contest or are you planning to take part in this competition? Which sports motif would you like? Feel free to write us your opinions in the comments.

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