Lego Star Wars Holiday Special


„Lego Star Wars Holiday Special“ // Deutschland-Start: 17. November 2020 (Disney+)

The first order has been defeated, peace has returned to the galaxy – the perfect occasion to prepare for the day of life! But Rey is not in the mood to celebrate right now, because somehow her attempts to train Finn to be a Jedi are not really fruitful. When she comes across a mystical artifact that allows her to travel through time, she takes this as an opportunity to be inspired by the great Jedi masters of bygone days. But it’s not quite as simple as expected: She repeatedly stumbles into chaotic situations, especially since the other side soon gets wind of the valuable object and now wants it for himself …

Star Wars is not only one of the greatest series of films of all time, but also one of the most heatedly debated. Already at the end of the original trilogy there was a dispute about what George Lucas was thinking of unpacking a second Death Star and letting teddy bears go to war. But then it got really intense with the prequels and the sequel trilogy: There is currently no end of fighting on the Internet, fans tear each other apart when asked what Star Wars is and should be, what works and what doesn’t, what works and what doesn’t.

Iconic junk
At least on one thing almost everyone should agree: The one that was hastily turned down in 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, which one from the still overwhelming success of Episode IV – A New Hope should benefit was an absolute disaster. The story was nonsensical and kitschy, the ensemble was obviously on drugs, the furnishings were so cheap, as if a few visitors had one Star Wars Convention teamed up to make a fan video. The result was so horrific that neither Lucas nor Disney, both of which always wanted to squeeze money out of the franchise, wanted something to do with it and the film is therefore still not officially available – which also contributes to the enormous cult status.

When it became known that there would be a new special, the reactions ranged from curiosity to skepticism to pure joy. In addition, it was supposed to be a Lego version. And who has seen previous productions from the series, for example The new Yoda Chronicleswho knows that spin-offs like to make fun of the time-honored star saga. If their makers now take on the infamous Holiday Special, then it promised to be a single party. Unfortunately it is Lego Star Wars Holiday Special but not become one. It is already a big disappointment that, apart from the occasional mention of the day of life, no reference is made to the trashy ancestor, as huge potential is wasted.

Gagrevue from better days
Instead it exists Lego Star Wars Holiday Special from randomly edited scenes from the three trilogies, this time with the participation of Rey. A kind of best of, just in the Lego version and with a little more humor. These two differentiating factors are also insufficiently used. Where other Lego animation titles have integrated the aspect of the world of blocks into the story, at least into the jokes, Lego is just a look here. The jokes, on the other hand, are unmotivated because a lot has been reused from previous productions. Anyone who has already seen this will rarely find a real reason to laugh here.

The 45-minute special increases later, when at least the journey through time, the actual differentiating factor of the film, comes into its own and when the script is being written, one dares to step out of the ready-made tracks. And there are certainly a few reasons to smile, especially for newbies. In the sum is Lego Star Wars Holiday Special but a boring, unimaginative practice of a success story that was much more entertaining and fresher in earlier Lego Star Wars works. This will not achieve the cult status of the Original Holiday Special anyway, because the predecessor was so uniquely bad that you can’t forget it, while the Klötzchen descendant is already on the file before the credits appear.


OT: „Lego Star Wars Holiday Special“
Land: USA
Year: 2020
Director: Ken Cunningham
Script: David Shayne
Music: Michael Kramer


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