LEGO VIDIYO 43101 Bandmates: Box distribution of the minifigure series

LEGO 43101 box distribution

The new LEGO VIDIYO theme world is being discussed intensively for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is the LEGO VIDIYO 43101 Bandmates minifigure series, which for the first time is packed in small cardboard boxes instead of the plastic bags known so far known as “blind bags”. So that you at least know how the figures are distributed in the box, we want to take a look at the box distribution of the minifigures today.

About the LEGO 43101 Bandmates series

Before we get to the distribution of the minifigures in the box, we want to briefly address a few more general points about the LEGO 43101 Bandmates series that we consider important.

Number of minifigures per box

The boxes in which the minifigures are sold don’t contain 36 or even 72 minifigures this time, as was the case with the LEGO 71029 minifigure series, for example, but only 24 Minifigures. And here we can reassure you that (at least in our box) the same two full series included were.

LEGO Vidiyo Minifiguren BoxLEGO Vidiyo Minifiguren Box

First of all, this is a step in the right direction, because two people can share an entire box, while at least 3 prospective customers were always required before. We hope that LEGO will keep this for future minifigure series as well.

New cardboard boxes as boxes

The second big innovation is of course the already mentioned cardboard boxes in which the minifigures are contained. In October 2020, LEGO started a small survey among representatives of the Recognized LEGO Fan Media and presented concepts for cardboard boxes instead of blind bags for the first time. What was then only intended as a concept for this survey is now apparently becoming a reality.

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The communicated goal of LEGO is of course that Avoidance of unnecessary plastic waste. Since LEGO has already announced elsewhere that it will gradually switch to sustainable packaging materials by 2025, the minifigure blind bags at LEGO must of course also have to give way. And even if nobody has said this so clearly, this should actually mean the end of the transparent LEGO polybags, which takes us back to the past, when even the smallest sets were sold in cardboard boxes – at least in Germany.

LEGO Aquanauts 1749LEGO Aquanauts 1749

The cardboard boxes still contain thin plastic bags, as LEGO has simply not made the change here yet. Nevertheless, the amount of plastic waste is already significantly reduced, as the blind bags were definitely much thicker and, depending on the minifigure, also contained a transparent plastic bag inside.

According to the plans of the LEGO Group, it can be assumed that LEGO will also replace plastic bags with paper bags in the future.

LEGO 43101 box packagingLEGO 43101 box packaging

However, it should not be forgotten that the new cardboard boxes for LEGO also bring another change with them, which many certainly see as an advantage for the LEGO Group: Should these boxes also be used in the future minifigure series, the times of “minifigure feeling” are finally over. In the future, customers will have to choose the small packages at random or buy entire boxes with several series if they want to own all the figures. That should cause a lot of frustration among the fans.

However, one can certainly doubt whether this is really a declared goal of LEGO. LEGO should also be aware that feeling the latest minifigure series was a not entirely unimportant “experience” that attracted many customers to the LEGO stores and sparked lively discussions with other LEGO fans. It would be a shame if that were no longer possible.

We really hope that despite the cardboard packaging, LEGO will somehow create an opportunity for fans to continue to buy only selected figures! And of course it cannot be completely ruled out that LEGO will switch back to the blind bags for the next minifigure series and the LEGO VIDIYO 43101 minifigure series will remain an exception.

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Box distribution

But now we come to the promised box distribution of the LEGO 43101 Bandmates minifigures in the boxes of 24. As we have already confirmed above, there are two complete series of 12 in one box, at least that was the case with our box.

In addition, the minifigures are exactly the same on both sides in the two columns of the box. On the left there is a full series and on the right there is also a full series, which is also arranged exactly the same. This should enable you to take a full series and also very specific individual figures from a freshly opened box (insofar as the shops in retail outlets will soon open again).

We have created a table for you that shows the distribution of the figures. The reading is “from back to front”, or to put it more simply: Imagine you are standing in front of the freshly opened box and looking at it from above:

Links Right
Werewolf Drummer Werewolf Drummer
Red Panda Dancer Red Panda Dancer
Discowboy Discowboy
DJ Cheetah DJ Cheetah
Samurapper Samurapper
Shark Singer Shark Singer
Banshee Singer Banshee Singer
Cotton Candy Cheerleader Cotton Candy Cheerleader
Genie Dancer Genie Dancer
Alien Keytarist Alien Keytarist
Bunny Dancer Bunny Dancer
Ice Cream Saxophonist Ice Cream Saxophonist

LEGO 43101 box distributionLEGO 43101 box distribution

LEGO 43101 BandmatesLEGO 43101 Bandmates

Please note that we are of course responsible for this distribution no guarantee can take over. Unfortunately, with the last LEGO minifigure series there were always deviations from the “ideal distribution”. Nevertheless, we would be very surprised if the distribution in all boxes looked different, because even distribution is logistically much easier to implement.

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As soon as retailers are allowed to officially start selling the minifigures (which, to our knowledge, runs parallel to the LEGO Online Shop is the case on March 1st) we will certainly offer good offers for the purchase of a whole box again.

How do you deal with the LEGO 43101 Bandmates series? Do you want the minifigures or are you not interested in this series at all? And do you order a box or will you try your luck in retail at some point? Feel free to have your say in the comments!

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