• 72

    LENO! Vardi punched from an acute angle from the right half of the box! German keeper managed to put his hand in the direction of the ball!

  • 71

    Bellerin sent the ball into the hands of Schmeichel inaccurate serve from the right flank.

  • 68

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Vardi ferried the ball into the net! For the 11th time this season the Premier League! From the right half of the box, Tielemans passed between the legs of Torreira.

  • 67

    An unsuccessful canopy from the right flank from Obameyang sent the ball over the goal.

  • 66

    Gray struck down from the right corner of the box! In the hands of Leno.

  • 65

    What about the blow ?! Unsuccessful contact from Maddison did not allow a strike from close range to occur after a pass from the right flank.

  • 65

    Genduzi played up his hand in the penalty area guests ?! The arbiter will not watch the replay.

  • 62

    Offside was not in Obameyang after throwing in the penalty area from the central zone. Pereira managed to knock the ball to the corner!

  • 61

    Arsenal managed to squeeze an opponent from his half of the field.

  • 59

    Gray replaced Peres.

  • 58

    Leno took the ball in his hands after a cross from Peres from the right flank.

  • 56

    Evans received a pending warning for a foul against Ozil in the development of a previous attack.

  • 55

    GOAL! Obameyang hit the opponent’s goal, but the offside was recorded in the Gabonese.

  • 53

    Bellerin got a juicy blow after a raid into the penalty area through the right flank! Above the right "nine"!

  • 51

    With a shot from outside the box, Louis sent the ball along a trailing path past the left post!

  • 49

    BAR! Pereira gave from the right flank to the center of the penalty area on Ndidi, and he sent the ball into the top frame of the goal with a one-touch kick!

  • 48

    Lester is located on the outskirts of someone else's penalty area.

  • 47

    Ozil spun Maddison's hull in midfield. Not without a foul, of course.

  • 46

    The second half has begun!

  • 45

    Break. 0-0 in our match in the first half.

  • 45

    Not the best way hit the ball with a header to Barnes, closing the canopy from the left flank. Chambers can not keep the player for the umpteenth time!

  • 44

    Obameyang could pop out one on one if he caught on horseback into the opponent's penalty box!

  • 43

    Ndidi kicked Lacazette, who was on the lawn in half of the Arsenal field.

  • 43

    Emery freezes on the side under the unremitting British rain.

  • 42

    Slid the ball over the net over the upper left corner after hitting Maddison with a free kick!

  • 41

    Torreira went on a dangerous tackle against Maddison at the borders of his own box.

  • 39

    Barnes was unable to impose a struggle on Cheymebrsu on the left flank.

  • 37

    Tielemans struck the rally after filing from the corner! He was in Ndidi, who was in an obvious offside position.

  • 36

    Released the ball for the front of Leno when he tried to intercept the rebound after Chilwell's lumbago from the left flank.

  • 35

    Oh, how they rolled out Leicester’s defense now! Lacazette's last pass to Torreira was too strong!

  • 33

    VARDY! Perez shot from the right flank to the far post, but Jamie just did not have time for the ball!

  • 32

    Tielemans made an interception on another side of the field, but the subsequent long-range strike can hardly be called successful.

  • 31

    Arsenal tries to push the game away from his goal.

  • 29th

    Perez collapsed on the lawn in someone else's penalty area. The ball was played by Kolasinac, according to the referee.

  • 26

    Leno ahead at the exit of Barnes when feeding from the right flank.

  • 26

    I whizzed the ball over the crossbar after hitting Perez from the semicircle at the box!

  • 23

    Tielemans immediately struck after transferring Vardi from the right flank across the penalty area. At the feet of Bellerin hit the ball!

  • 21

    Vardi almost drove Leno with the ball into the goal with his pressure!

  • twenty

    Schmeichel tightly took the ball after Lacazetta hit when shifting from the left flank to the center of the penalty area.

  • 19

    Kavana famously blocked Obameyang's spurt through midfield.

  • 16

    Leno intercepted the ball after a cross from Kolasinac.

  • 13

    LACAZETT! Obameyang left the ball for a partner who shot from the entrance to the goalkeeper. Near the right barbell. But before that, he played with Ndidi's hand!

  • 10

    In a strange free kick, Seyunju collapsed. No foul. Or not?

  • 9

    Torreira shot down Maddison at the left corner of the box.

  • 8

    Vardy hit from the left half of the box. Block! Angular.

  • 7

    The head played Leno at the far exit from the gate!

  • 7

    Wow Lacazett pushed the ball towards the front to Ozil, from where Mesut hit with one touch, which hit the net from the outside!

  • 5

    Maddison finished off the right flank with an unaccented knee kick.

  • 3

    Lacazett broke the rules in the middle of the field.

  • 2

    Immediately in the attack Leicester! Vardi clung to the ball on the left flank, but still could not keep it within the field.

  • one

    The referee gave the starting whistle. The match has begun!

  • The starting lineups became known:

    Leicester City: Schmeichel – Pereira, Evans, Seunju, Chilwell – Ndidi – Perez, Tielemans, Maddison, Barnes – Vardi.
    Spare: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Gray, Albrighton, Chaudhury, Prat.

    Arsenal: Leno – Bellerin Holding, David Luis, Kolasinac – Torreira, Chambers, Genduzi – Ozil – Lacazette, Obameyang.
    Spare: Martinez, Tierney, Papastatopoulos, Saka, Willock, Martinelli, Pepe.

  • Chris Cavana (Manchester, UK) – The main referee of today's match.

  • The meeting will be held on the field of the stadium King Power Stadium to Leicester (UK).

  • Hello dear football fans. Football.ua invites you to the online text broadcast of the match of the twelfth round of the English Premier League between Leicester and the London Arsenal.