Leones de Escogido carries out contact tracing among its players due to COVID-19

José Gómez Frías, general manager of the Leones del Escogido, detailed the steps they are following to verify that their players have not been infected with COVID-19 after the first outbreak of the virus in LIDOM

The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (LIDOM) has started his confrontation with the COVID-19 after at least 10 members of Tigres del Licey, as well as some players from Giants of the Cibao, they will test positive for the virus.

The Tigres del Licey They will see their season stopped for the moment until at least two days pass without showing new positives. In the case of Giants, your general manager, Jesus Mejia, declared that most of their cases are total accumulation and that the situation is completely controlled, so they are ready to play.

A team that has been seen in the middle of the two sets with confirmed cases is Lions of the Chosen One, which has played all four games of the season against Tigers Y Giants. Upon confirmation of the news of the positive cases, the scarlet squad immediately began the contact tracing protocol to keep a strict control of the players that they understand may have had contact with the infected.

In a conversation for ESPN, the general manager of the Lions, José Gómez Frías, confirmed the situation and spoke about the steps that the team will follow in the future.

“We have the team concentrated in one place, so far we have not had any positive from anyone who is in the concentration, but we are applying the protocol and we are considering all the position players who played the two games as having close contacts . This involves more frequent, daily tests. This also implies that those who are considered to have had close contact should keep their masks on at all times, whether in training sessions, in the dugout, when they are with the team and, if possible, even in games, “he said. Gómez Frías.

The manager also explained that the players considered as “close contacts” are not isolated from the group, unless it is a prolonged close contact in which the player has been in the presence of an infected person for fifteen minutes or more. This doesn’t happen at a baseball game, so close contacts are treated with a little less caution than infected players.

“Close contact has a special procedure for handling it, different from risk contact with players who have been determined to have the virus.”

This is the third time that Lions of the Chosen One You have done this contact tracing regarding people who have been infected with the virus. Own Gómez Frías is one of the positive cases a COVID-19 on the team and when it was determined that they had the virus, the site protocol was performed, the same as when another member of the team’s staff turned out to have the virus.

“It is not only about being aware of when there is a positive, but also to be able to locate others who may have it. Due to the incubation time of the virus, it is necessary to keep applying these protocols. We have already set off alarms due to the positives from Licey and we have a very good medical team taking care of everything, I fully trust them and their work ”, he concluded Gómez Frías.


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