Let’s make a weather widget with alpine.js and open weather map

Alpine.js offers the reactive and declarative properties of large frameworks like Vue or React at a much lower cost. It maintains the DOM, being able to improve and refine the behavior as appropriate. We could think of it as a Tailwind for JavaScript.

Alpine offers us 14 directives and 6 magical properties that you can learn about by reading their documentation.

Let’s do a small example to better understand what alpinejs is

Well, let’s get down to business and work on a weather widget that will look something like this:

template original de iaminos.

To do this project we need to know about:

  • template strings
  • some directives from alpine:
    • x-data: Declare a new scope of the component.
    • x-init: Execute an expression when a component is initialized.
    • x-text: Updates the innerText of the element.
  • have an open weather map api key.

Assuming that the template was downloaded, we are going to modify it little by little.

At let’s include this javascript tag:

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With this we will have alpine initialized.

Now we are going to create a label script and we will include the following:

function temp() {
    return {
        temp: {},
        init() {
            // todo
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If you want to know how it continues, I invite you to my blog.


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