Let’s talk about the new Apple Watch

We have been testing the Apple Watch Series 6 Y Apple Watch SE, the latest models of Apple’s successful smartwatch.

And we have been receiving questions from friends and family for weeks about which of them is the best option, given the small differences they offer. So we decided to make this video, in which we talk about what we like the most about each one and how we see the SE and Series 6 positioning themselves for different use cases.

In my case, I already published my Evaluation of the Apple Watch Series 6 in case you want a little more information and, even, we made a comparison between the two devices that can give you more insight into what the differences between them are.

But in addition, we have an explanation of how the Apple Watch Series 6 measures the level of oxygen in the blood, how to migrate from an old Apple Watch to a new one, how to use the Handwashing functionality and how the Apple Watch can save your life. So there is a ton of content for you to get the most out of your Apple Watch.

I’ve said it in the past: the Apple Watch is taking on the role that the iPhone did in its early days: that of the device through which many users enter the Apple world. And with the current lineup I think we will see how Apple cement its leadership position in the market.

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