Leveling and updating course for vaccination against Covid-19

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), the Faculty of Nursing of the University of the Republic (FENF) together with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) works on the training of human resources for the administration of the vaccine against Covid-19.

At the end of 2020, in the face of the imminent challenge of vaccination against Covid-19 and after a very positive evaluation of the different virtual trainings provided throughout the year, the Postgraduate Center proposed to use the same method of Online courses so that the 19 departments have the trained human resources necessary for vaccination actions in 2021.

The “Leveling and updating course in vaccination against Covid-19” aimed at nursing assistants, vaccinators, nursing graduates and students in the health area, will be available from February 22.

This training, which is expected to also generate interest in other people who perform tasks in the health area such as doctors, dentists, health technicians, is designed in 4 modules of a total of 20 hours that will allow those who attend, have the conceptual framework necessary for the management of the vaccination plan against Covid-19.

The Community Nursing department in exchange with the Dean and the technical support of people with experience in the virtual platform of the University of the Republic “Virtual Teaching and Learning Unit”, worked on the course whose main advantage is that it does not require presence and has a total flexibility of schedules, which makes that each student can self-manage the time required for the course. PAHO / WHO in Uruguay provides the campus virtual which has the characteristic that the same platform, at the end of the total workload, issues a single certificate to the student.

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Course objective

Update the knowledge of vaccinators and nursing graduates in relation to vaccination against Covid-19.


To disseminate the course, an expectation campaign was carried out with graphic pieces in different urban situations in which action was called: “Attention vaccinators and nursing graduates! FENF vaccine. ” The curiosity of the nursing community was aroused and the expectations of the call were exceeded. On February 17, the characteristics of the course began to be disseminated through the institutional channels of the Faculty of Nursing.

Ways are being sought to establish this continuous training course throughout the year in order to reach as many participants as possible.

Work team in the “Leveling and updating course in vaccination against Covid-19”

Dean Prof. Esp. Mercedes Pérez

Permanent Education Graduate Team:

Prof. (s) Mgtr Andrea Lucas

Prof. Adj. Ana Laura Perdomo

Prof. Ayud Natalia Igarzabal

Graphic design and diffusion

Course Coordinating Team:

Prof. Mgtr. Esther Lacava

Prof. Agda. Mgtr. Alicia Guerra

Prof. Agda. Lic. Esp. Mariana Mugico

Virtual classroom design and post-production

Virtual Teaching Unit:

Prof. Agda. Mgtr. Carolina Rodriguez Enriquez

ProfAste. MgtrMarián Doninalli

Content Team:

Prof. Dr. María Catalina Pírez

Prof. Agda. Dr. Monica Pujadas

Prof. Agda. Dra. Noelia Hope

Prof. Adj. Lic. Esp. Silvia Mora

Prof. Adj. Lic. Alberto Blanco

Attend Lic. Esp. Laura Hernández

D.T Q.F. Marina Monteiro

Something. Pablo D. Pérez

Q.F. Carolina Juan

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