LI drug smuggling has failed, officials say - Newsday

LI drug smuggling has failed, officials say - Newsday

Suffolk authorities say they have indicted 19 people for alleged drug trafficking, reaching as far as New York City nationwide and linked to three fatal overdoses.

The ring is accused of selling heroin, cocaine, crack, opioid pills and other narcotics, the authorities said. Timothy Sini, Suffolk district attorney, said the suspects in the "multimillion-dollar ring" would sell to traders at prices of 100 grams each and change their prices by region. They are also accused of producing drugs, including crack cocaine and pills.

The years-long investigation called "Operation Moneygram" is part of an attempt to stem the heroin epidemic that devastates the districts of Nassau and Suffolk. As part of the effort, increased coercive measures and arrests were carried out by traders and suppliers in association with addicts treatment.

"It is important that we eliminate these traffickers," Sini said at a press conference in Hauppauge on Thursday. "We will maintain the pressure."

The authorities said they confiscated more than 425 grams of heroin or 15,000 unit doses worth $ 150,000 and taken the ring's alleged leader, Sheron Davis, 31, of Baldwin, known as "Money Ron." allegedly different from the street vendors. He was the head of a dealer network where he sold narcotics and sued more for drugs in Suffolk County than Queens, and is believed to be a member of the Bloods gang, officials said.

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