MICHAEL Eavis has long wanted Oasis to return to Glastonbury's pyramid stage as a headliner – and maybe this weekend he will come halfway to his wish.

I've been told that the foolhardy half of Manchester rockers, Liam Gallagher, plans to work with The Killers as part of their Saturday night headline.

    According to sources, Liam plans the collaboration for several weeks


According to sources, Liam plans the collaboration for several weeksCredit: Getty – Contributor

Liam, who is scheduled to perform on the main stage shortly before Brandon Flowers and Co, plans the surprise for several weeks.

It would not be the first time he's been on stage with The Killers, but when this latest plan is put into action, it's the first time he has sung with the US rockers.

Last summer, he appeared alongside the band at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk, but left them rattling as Brandon sang the Oasis track Acquiesce.

Liam joined a Killers gig in Brazil last year after a few caipirinhas, but he did not sing on that occasion either.

    Liam will perform on the main stage shortly before Brandon Flowers and Co


Liam will perform on the main stage shortly before Brandon Flowers and CoCredit: Getty – Contributor

A Glasto source said, "Liam is a big fan of Brandon and the boys and has come on stage with them a few times.

"But they talked about making a good deal together, so on Saturday night they talked about doing something. As always with Liam it's straight on the wire, but both sides are very interested in doing something, and Liam is active right in front of the killer's. "

I was told that Michael and his daughter Emily Eavis were interested in making Liam the headline.

    A source said, Liam


A source said Liam "is a big fan of Brandon"Credit: Getty – Contributor

But in a rare moment of humility, he told them he wanted to work as a solo artist for a few more years before he went there alone.

The source added, "Oasis has been in the news twice, but Liam did not want it to be just a tribute act, he wants to run the festival if he feels he can play enough of his own music, to justify it. "

"The organizers were a little surprised, but he was still happy to finish second on the bill."

If Glasto wanted to book the next best headliner for Oasis, he would have accidentally called the wrong brother.

Jama Party Blues

If Maya Jama wants to get her friend Stormzy into the right headroom for his headline on the Glastonbury pyramid stage, she's headed the wrong way.

    Maya got into a taxi with former one-direction star Liam Payne


Maya got into a taxi with former one-direction star Liam PayneCredit: Getty – Contributor

The television presenter has been with the Grime-Star for four years, but it was former one-directional singer Liam Payne, with whom she got into a taxi after visiting the Serpentine Summer Party in London's Kensington Gardens on Tuesday.

Maya looked elegant but nervous, in a strapless navy ball gown that flashed a lot of leg. She enjoyed posting online photos of her as she holds and dances a glass of wine. Later, she filmed with Liam in the car as they left the event.

But to suppress rumors, yesterday she shared an old photo of herself and Stormzy on Instagram to prove that they are still very important. Good luck next time, Liam.

Nas is Miley up

LIL Nas X's Song Old Town Road was the viral mega hit of the year and he landed a slot on Glasto's biggest stage.

    Miley wants to perform with Lis Nas X


Miley wants to perform with Lis Nas XCredit: Getty – Contributor

The US rapper was invited to the festival by Miley Cyrus, who wants to do the track with her on her Sunday set after her dad Billy Ray appeared on a remix. After being introduced by Billy, the two held rehearsals in the US on Tuesday.

A music insider said, "Miley is super-hypnotic for her Glasto performance and wants to attract a huge audience.

"She is aware that many night owls are beaten on Sunday, which brings maximum energy, and she is determined that it will be one of the most memorable of the weekend and believes that this duet will add the perfect twist a brilliant move. "

Since the release of Old Town Road in December, Lil Nas X has spent 11 weeks at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and two weeks at No. 1 here.

    Miley has invited Lis Nas X to Glastonbury


Miley has invited Lis Nas X to GlastonburyPicture credits: Reuters

No wonder Miley wants his traction.

Miley, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Ray have announced a collaboration for the new Charlie & # 39; s Angels movie. Miley tweeted: "WE COME!

Jacko Gig scared

It's been a decade since Michael Jackson's death this week, but his sister Janet is torn between marking her publicly.

    Janet Jackson fears a backlash when she mentions her brother Michael


Janet Jackson fears a backlash when she mentions her brother MichaelCredit: Getty – Contributor

She fears a backlash when she mentions him during her appearance in Glastonbury on Saturday after allegations of child molestation against him in the documentary "Leaving Neverland". The singer has already deleted her 1995 duet Scream from her setlist.

A source close to Janet said, "Regardless of what came out, Michael was still Janet's brother, it's obviously emotional.

"But she knows, when she says something about him on stage, it can cause tensions. On the other hand, she feels that there is still a lot of love for Michael and she wants to say something.

"She's a little bit puzzled about what to do."

Charli is Anne for the road

GLASTO had not even started on Tuesday evening, but it looked like Charli XCX was already immersed in the festival atmosphere.

    Charli and Anne-Marie seemed to have a great time


Charli and Anne-Marie seemed to have a great timeCredit: Getty – Contributor

The bleary eyed Blame It On Your Love singer had to rely on Anne-Marie when she followed her at the Serpentine Summer Party in London.

Cleverly, Anne-Marie kept a clear head. It will be performing on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday afternoon following an outstanding year in which their debut album, Speak Your Mind, landed in # 3 on the charts.

Charli has everything she can look forward to with her third album later this year. At least when she knows that everything is done and dusted, she can spend the weekend celebrating.

Ex-Havana hard time over Cam

It is clear that Camilla Cabello's fresh ex Matthew Hussey does not get over her break well after he admits that he has a habit of being obsessed by their ranks.

    Camilla and Matthew have terminated their relationship


Camilla and Matthew have terminated their relationshipPicture credits: Splash News

I told yesterday how the singer from Havana split up after 18 months after releasing a steaming music video in which she had danced with a lush Shawn Mendes.

But Matthew talked about his feelings earlier this month and said, "I'm all my own experiment all the time, I would say to myself that I'm more friendly with myself and not obsessed with things I would have otherwise in the relationship to say or do.

"Even today, I have to deal with being the person who did not have the best reaction to something and really did not let it go."

In his podcast about the school of greatness, he added, "Mistakes can improve the relationship if you improve it, but not if you're consistent with it."

Or watch the sexy music videos of your ex. , ,


  • The quarter-finals of the Löwinnen World Cup against Norway will be shown tonight on the West Holts Stage after footballer Georgia Stanway tweeted the festival. She said her brother was going to Glasto and wanted to see her play.
  • STORMZY has asked former headliners Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin and Adele for advice before their set tomorrow night. He said the Kiss FM breakfast show, "It sounds like a cliché," Oh, do your thing, "but that's what they said."
  • There is now a 5: 1 chance the Spice Girls will make a surprise appearance, but although I hate to destroy my hopes, this is highly unlikely. Mel C is now on a solo tour on the other side of the world, with performances in Chile tonight and New York on Sunday.
  • When Sheryl Crow last played at Worthy Farm 22 years ago, she will make the most of her return tomorrow. She said, "We come to Glastonbury early in the morning and spend the whole day there, and I really want to see it when I get there."

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