Lidl’s new best-selling product will be sold out in the next few hours

Lidl It is a box of surprises. Every so often, it launches one of those products that, for one reason or another, ends up sweeping sales. It is not the price, it is not the quality. It is something else and this supermarket knows how to take advantage of it quite successfully. Last March, the chain brought to Spain the EWA 6000 scooters Y ESA 800, in an attempt to fight against Xiaomi’s proposal. Due to its success, now try again with the EWA 6000.

It is available in your online store and, according to its technical characteristics, it is a folding electric scooter manufactured by Doc Green. It has two braking systems (one mechanical at the rear and one electric at the front), a maximum power of 350 kilowatts and a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Supports up to 100 kilos.

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