Like a gloomy Brexit deal the Johnsons reunited

Like a gloomy Brexit deal the Johnsons reunited

OHalf an hour's train ride from London, rpington has all the features of a suburban town: independent shops, traditional English cafés and pubs. A little further down the road from the train station is a thatched house housing the local Conservative Association. A huge Jo-Johnson banner is hoisted out onto the lawn, and his face stares at the drivers heading south to Kent. Despite this fact, and the fact that it's been less than 24 hours since this particular Johnson resigned from the government and the Brexit crisis that devoured Theresa May, many of his constituents recognize his on the tree-lined main street Do not name.

At the Asian restaurant Reku Zen, 24-year-old Denislav Ivanov wipes floors. He only heard of the other Tory MP named Johnson. "The guy with the hair has a brother and is against Brexit?" Asks Ivanov in disbelief. He believes that Brexit will be bad for our economy. However, having moved from Poland through Europe since leaving Poland, he is not worried about his own status. "I speak Spanish, I'm young – I'm going to move to Spain," he says.

Some of those who knew their deputies by name had also resigned on Friday. "I warned him that Brexit will significantly worsen Dover traffic due to customs controls," says Frieda McClorey, 85, while waiting for her bus. "I think he did the right thing when he resigned. I voted to stay, although many of my friends voted for the departure. I hope there will be another referendum, "she says.

Across the street, Charlotte Drake, 29, pauses as a mentor to the National Citizenship Project. Like a majority of people in Orpington, she voted for leaving. She was and is concerned about immigration. But Drake now believes the Leave campaign made many false promises. "Many people change their minds," she says – but she does not show how she shows her own hand.


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