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Lindemanns focusing on casual wine. Its strength is that it is easy to pair.

Australia, a major immigrant country, has a diverse food culture, and the dishes of each country such as England, Italy, Malaysia, and China are arranged according to the climate and the tastes of the inhabitants. In other words, no matter what ingredients or spices you cook, you can’t survive in his country unless the wine is chic.

Lindemanns, who was one of the first to start exporting overseas in Australia and has worked on wine from a global perspective, succeeded in grasping the needs of Australians with a flexible taste style.

So, of course, traditional Japanese food, Western European food, and Japanese home-cooked food, where ethnic people compete every day, can be well matched without thinking too hard. WINE WHAT Featured Lindemans are the classic “Gentleman’s Collection”, the classic “Bin” and the affordable “Kawara” series.

Well, which one should I try? No matter if you choose your favorite variety or buy a label, you won’t lose! So feel free to choose.

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