A TALENTED author uses her latest book to educate children about one of the most famous disasters of all time.

Lindsay Littleson's second historical novel for children, the Titanic Detective Agency, was released on April 15, the same day the cruise ship sank in 1912 and more than 1,500 people perished.

The main characters in this retelling of the tragedy were all real passengers on the Titanic.

Lindsay, who lives in Uplawmoor and teaches at Kilbarchan Primary School, said, "My publisher, Cranachan Books, specializes in Scottish historical children's stories. The first action was to search the passenger list and search for the perfect protagonist.

12-year-old Aberdonian Bertha Watt, who traveled with her mother Bessie in second grade, proved to be ideal. I wanted my novel to appeal to young readers from the start, so it was extremely important to give Bertha an exciting plan.

"Once she's aboard a ship, she becomes an amateur detective and, with the help of her new friend Madge Collyer, decides to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Mr. Hoffman.

"When Bertha meets a young Swedish guy who travels alone in third grade, she adds to her case book the alien boy and a treasure map."

The Titanic Detective Agency is Lindsay's fifth title, following the success of books such as Lily McLean's The Mixed-Up Summer and Guardians of the Wild Unicorns.

It will be launched on Thursday, April 25, at the Waterstones store in Braehead, Renfrew. Lindsay answers questions about her work.

The Titanic Detective Agency, priced at £ 6.99, is available in bookstores and online HERE,

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