Linus Torvalds, very interested in the new M1 laptops from Apple

Apple has shaken up the hardware world these days with the launch of its first Macs based on the ARM architecture, but not as other manufacturers do, but designing their own and, admittedly, revolutionary chips. As part of the project Apple Silicon, last week the first laptop models with CPU M1Such is the name that those from Cupertino have given to the first generation of their brand-new CPUs… and those who have been able to test them are exulting with the experience.

Those who have not yet had the opportunity to get their hands on it, but have read something of how much is being published on the subject, are also expectant with the best of the provisions, and it must be recognized that Apple seems to have hit the nail on the head with the invention. This is also what Linus Tovalds thinks and so he has stated in a brief appearance he has made in the Real World Technologies forum, where he has been asked for his opinion and, of course, he has given it unequivocally.

As collected in en24, Linus Torvalds would love to use a laptop like the new Macs… as long as he could install Linux on it, of course. And you can’t, at least for the moment. «I’ve been waiting for an ARM laptop with Linux for a long time«, Torvalds commented, to which it should be added that if he has not had one, it is because he has not wanted to settle for what there is, because there are already laptops with ARM, but they are light years away. the new Macs… And Linus doesn’t use anything (he already had a Mac, a Chromebook Pixel, a Dell XPS 13… I know what he has now).

The impediments to install Linux on M1 they are in principle self-evident: it just came out and there is no support of any kind outside of Apple hardware, especially drivers for integrated graphics; These computers do not have Boot Camp support to run other operating systems either, the boot loader at the BIOS level is Apple’s own … but there are already those who are working on bringing Linux to these devices, although it will not be fast or as optimized as it would be desirable, to apply some of the alternative options that are considered.

Be that as it may, the most interesting thing about the whole thing I don’t think is bringing Linux to Apple hardware, but follow the path that the company is openingwhose remarkable influence on the tech industry can fan the flame like no other. The M1 are impressing many for many things, even with the shortcomings and unknowns they have, which are a few; but – I already said it, I don’t know if here or somewhere else – it’s the most interesting thing that has come out of the apple world in a long time. For more information, all the links in this article.

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