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1. Perform a true world review. Whether you see a car before the purchase, see a lawyer in person or call a confirmed number for your bank. Just take a break and do not be rushed by someone at the end of a phone line. A little due diligence can save you a lifelong change in the amount of money.

2. If you suspect that you have been cheated, the timing is crucial. If you contact your bank in the first hour or two, a fraudulent transaction can usually be blocked police you want. But do not hope you see your money again. If you can not prove that the bank has no obligation to stop criminals from setting up their account, it can be very hard to get compensation.

3. If an investment opportunity offers high returns, low risk or even "guaranteed" returns, it is probably too good to be true, and you should stay well alone. If you have a more reasonable and practical advice, listen to Episode 2, where we talk about some of the more stable and regulated ways to increase your money.

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