Kicking his face and walking in pain, the homeless Gavin Green felt so alone.

But the good Samaritan Alexandria Wright and her six-year-old daughter Avaleigh came to his aid and gave him reasons to keep going.

Now the Mum and the Daughter team are doing everything they can to get Gavin back on track and find a home for him when winter sets in.

And they ask others to give their support when they get the ball rolling.

Gavin, 35, originally from Birtley, lost his apartment in Pelton Fell four months ago after his money was cut and he could not afford the rent.

He took a bag of his belongings to the street and chose Low Fell to sit, feeling safer there.

Gavin was a roofer by profession, but after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and getting sick, he demanded 280 pounds for two weeks from the unemployment benefit and assistance allowance.

But that was reduced to 128 pounds for a fortnight when he was moved to Job Seekers Allowance.

Gavin says he has not had any problems for more than eight and a half years, after being involved in petty crime in his twenties.

Since Alexandria asked that Gavin's plight be posted on the Real Low Fell Local Facebook page, others have helped.

A stranger put down a backpack with coffee and a bottle of hot water, and a woman gave him milk and chicken to eat.



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