Baby Sophia was hospitalized after her face was suddenly paralyzed on one side (Image: MEN Media)

A little girl with an abscess in her brain was sent home from the hospital with antibiotics for an ear infection, her mother said.

Stephanie Campbell had brought the 16-month-old Sophia to A & E in Stepping Hill, after her face was suddenly paralyzed on one side and her eardrum was bursting.

The couple was then sent home after a few hours after doctors diagnosed the ear infection in the baby.

But only 48 hours later Sophia had to be taken back to hospital after her temperature had risen to 40 degrees.

She then spent six days at the nursery before being transferred to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Mother Stephanie Campbell has filed a formal complaint (Image: MEN Media)

She was scanned there, detecting abscesses in her brain and behind her ear, an infection in the brain lining, bone damage and a blood clot.

Sophia was operated on immediately to remove the abscess in her ear, but she still relies on antibiotics to reduce the brain abscess.

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Stephanie has now filed an official complaint against Stepping Hill because she wants to know why her daughter was not scanned on her first hospital visit.

She claims that a doctor told her that she "would happily dismiss the baby because she was fine with antibiotics and nobody told her that they suspected mastoiditis.

Mastoiditis is a serious bacterial infection of the bone behind the ear, which can lead to complications such as brain abscesses.

Sophia was finally scanned with abscesses visible in her brain and behind her ear (Image: MEN Media)

She said, "There was a massive infection, I do not know how it was invisible, and I do not know why so much time was wasted.

"They did not tell me what it was, they never told me their diagnosis, it was a nightmare all the time.

"I have no family here, it's just us." They only really, really terribly cared for her. "

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Stephanie also said that Sophia was given only one dose of steroids for her facial paralysis before finally being placed on RMCH for a week.

The mother said the situation was so stressful that she moved from her reddish home to her family in Northern Ireland.

Stepping Hill Hospital has initiated an investigation and says that they will keep Stephanie up to date with their findings.

A spokesperson said, "We always strive to ensure that our patients receive high-quality care and we are sorry that Ms. Campbell is dissatisfied with her daughter's care on this occasion.

"We take all issues raised by patients and their families very seriously and have launched an investigation into Ms. Campbell's concerns about looking after her daughter."