Musician Chris Thile says there is no safety net, which is what sets him apart from other radio programs.

"It's increasing the danger since it's live, just as the name of the show indicates," Thile said in a phone interview. "There is nothing like live performance. We do not just stand in front of 2,000 people. We play 2 million more on the radio and on the Internet. It's a thrill. "

Live From Here, to be shown on Saturday December 19th at the Durham Performing Arts Center, was briefly known as A Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile. This radio variety show, which presents musical guests and is infused with drama and humor, takes over from the iconic "A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor". After charges of misconduct by Keillor in November 2017, American Public Media decided to change the name of the series.

"The show goes on, whatever its name," says Thile, calling from Brooklyn.

"But it's fun to take that on the road," says Thile. "We are really looking forward to Durham because it's such a beautiful musical city."

Thile, 37, will play with Death Cab for Cutie, Tank and the Bangas and Nore Davis at DPAC.

"I can not wait to go down there with Death Cab for Cutie, who is one of the biggest independent rock bands of all time," Thile said. "I have so much respect for Death Cab. Their songs are so well written and Death Cab is a great concert. What we will do will be interesting, because as a general rule, we will fine-tune things until the red light is reached and we start the series. "

The musical history of the Triangle has always seduced the long-time member of Nickel Creek and the Punch Brothers.

"I'm sincere when I say how excited I am to play in the Raleigh-Durham area," Thile said. "I think above all of the catalog of fiddle melodies, which is so rich. I speak this language and I have been so influenced by the music of North Carolina. I learned it while growing up in Southern California. I heard some fiddle music on public radio, thanks to my parents. They appreciated and I guess it's in my blood. It just makes me feel good. "

Thile, who won MacArthur's Genius Grant in 2012, is still busy. He balances his show with his bands.

"I've always wondered what's going on with Nickel Creek and the band has a concert with the Punch Brothers," Thile said. "This will be the first time this will happen. I like to have a lot of fire irons. The more busy I am, the more I get caught. I have a lot of work to do this year, and that's what I prefer. "Live From Here" keeps me busy. "

Thile's imprint is Prairie Home Companion, which focuses on music and less on storytelling. Thile is charming while offering solid American melodies.

"The show is a little different, but I'm a little different," he said. "But there are a number of common denominators. It fascinates me, but I have to do it. I especially like going on the road with the show. It's fun (in St. Paul), but it's a really good time, especially when we go to a big city like Durham. "

Correction: "Live From Here" is a program of American public radio. An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that it was a program of national public radio.


What: "Live From Here with Chris Thile" with Death Cab for Cutie, Tank and the Bangas and Nore Davis

When: 5:45 pm January 19th

Or: Durham Performing Arts Center, 123 Vivian Street, Durham

Tickets: $ 38.50 and $ 58.50

Info: 919-680-2787 or