Liverpool Jurgen Klopp Thiago Alcantara criticizes Premier League Champions League defends Anfield Road

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp referred to the criticism the Spanish midfielder has received Thiago Alcantara and he responded loudly: he did not tolerate being ‘handsome’ to the aforementioned footballer unfairly.

Thiago is on the pitch and the team doesn’t play well or this kind of thing … It’s shit #! “# $! Let me put it like this“Klopp expressed to the surprise of members of the press.

For the German strategist, Thiago Alcántara, who arrived from Bayern Munich, can perform more, but considers that it is not the way to ask him. “It is not true what is said. He can play better soccer, yes of course, but we can all do better“he added.

“Thiago arrived late, then he had COVID-19. He was injured and on top of that he had to adapt to a new team. We have to rebuild the team practically every three days because we have changed defense,” he stressed.

“That has not been good for Thiago and, even so, he has played exceptional games and had very good moments on the field,” he said.

Finally, he made a difference between Liverpool and Bayern. The style of play that the Teutonic team proclaims is more aggressive than he leads at Anfield Road. “Bayern played differently and were much more dominant in the Bundesliga”

“Any team here in the Premier can be. But thank God, we are all smart enough to correctly judge their situation,” he concluded.


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