Liverpool vs. Manchester City, LIVE: The men of Pep Guardiola want to narrow the gap between the leaders of the Premier League and put an end to their unbeaten run

  • Liverpool host Man City in Anfield with game start at 16.30 GMT
  • British viewers can follow the Premier League clash live on Sky Sports
  • The majority of the betting industry has the men of Pep Guardiola as easy favorites to win

Liverpool hosts Manchester City on Sunday in Anfield in a gigantic Premier League encounter.

The team of Pep Guardiola will now finally strive to narrow the gap after they have lost this season after two losses to Norwich and Wolves with six points ahead.

The men of Jürgen Klopp are still undefeated this season. Man City has defeated Liverpool in their last 16 away games in the Premier League. The game ended in a goalless draw last season, even though Riyad Mahrez had a chance of winning a penalty.

Jordan Seward of Sportsmail will provide live coverage of Liverpool against Manchester City including scores, lineups and buildup.