Liverpool’s first pub was fined for remaining open in the coronavirus block

Officers entered a Liverpool pub after being informed that it had remained open despite the coronavirus blockade.

Speke’s East was issued with a ban notice after council licensing department officials found it open after a suggestion last weekend.

The Eastern Avenue pub was served yesterday with advance notice to stop the negotiation or face the possibility of an unlimited fine.

The government ordered the closure of all indoor entertainment, hospitality and leisure venues last Friday evening.

City director Kevin Johnson said, “The government has made it clear that many places, including pubs and bars, should close as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and save lives.

“It is really important that the owners understand that we will take action against them if we find that they are opening in violation of the rules. They are there for a good reason: to limit the number of people who get the virus as much as possible.

“They face the potential of an unlimited fine if we pursue it, as well as the possibility that we will review their license.

“Where we receive evidence of illegal opening of premises, we will investigate and take action, because they act irresponsibly and endanger life.”

It is something that has touched all our lives at some point.

From the cradle to the grave, the National Health Service and the incredible professionals who take care of us are part of British life.

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The Liverpool Council’s action was supported by Merseyside police.

Liverpool community police superintendent Diane Pownall said that open premises are “selfishly” endangering themselves and their community.

He said: “We would like to strongly support local authorities in taking action against any authorized, or other, premise found in violation of government instructions on isolation and social distancing.

“Some people may think they are not hurting behind closed doors, but they are actually putting themselves, their families and their wider community at risk selfishly.

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“The guideline from the Department of Health is that the Covid-19 virus spreads through close human contact, which is why social distancing and self-isolation have been introduced.

“We appreciate the fact that entrepreneurs feel the financial impact of having to temporarily close their businesses, but these rules are in place for the protection and benefit of all.

“I would urge anyone who is aware of any activity that violates government instructions to contact us so that we can take appropriate action to keep everyone safe and sound.”


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