Berry Street

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There are road closures around Berry Street

A nightclub in downtown Liverpool has erupted into a massive fire that forced the closure of nearby streets.

The roof and floors of the club collapsed in the fire that crews have been packing on Berry Street for nearly four hours.

Residents and businesses were told to keep doors and windows closed.

The club is located near the City of Liverpool College, where students should pick up their A-Level results.

Merseyside police have blocked a number of roads near the scene where there are no reports of injuries.

When the crew arrived around 4:45 am CET, they discovered that the building was "in order," the fire and rescue service in Merseyside said.

"Because of the high volume of smoke in the area, nearby residents and businesses are advised to keep windows and doors closed," a fire department statement said.

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Merseyside Fire Department and Rescue Service

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The roof and floors of the building on Berry Street have collapsed

Although it was not possible to prevent the collapse of the building, firefighters using an aerial platform managed to prevent the spread of fire to surrounding land and businesses.

"Our crews have done a great job to bring this fire under control so quickly and effectively," said Dave Mottram, deputy fire chief.

"The speed of the crew's response and the fire-fighting operations made the fire – which had lit well on our arrival – no longer expand."

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Nearby City of Liverpool College has taken alternative measures to help students achieve their A-Level results

A college spokesperson said, "There will be no access for students or staff to our Learning Exchange campus on Roscoe Street."

However, students can pick up their results at 8:30 am on Clarence Street campus, he added.