Liz Cheney Responds To Donald Trump On Voter Fraud Theory

Liz Cheney responded to Donald Trump by using “the big lie” to defend his discredited claims of voter fraud.

The one-term president issued a statement saying he would like people to refer to his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden as “the big lie.”

Trump continues to push forward the unfounded theory that voter fraud cost him the White House, but he has not provided any evidence in a series of legal defeats across the country.

Cheney, the third-highest-ranking Republican leader in the House, voted to impeach Trump for a historic second time for his role in the Jan.6 riots on Capitol Hill and has since become a target for the former president and his supporters. .

Now, the Wyoming congresswoman has responded on social media to her latest claims.

“The 2020 presidential elections were not stolen. Anyone who says they did is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their backs on the rule of law and poisoning our democratic system, ”Cheney tweeted.

Trump couldn’t help but strike back at Cheney later Monday, issuing another written statement. “He will never run in the Wyoming election again!” Trump wrote, somewhat disturbingly.

On Friday, the right-wing news network Newsmax issued a public apology to Dominion Voting Systems employee Eric Coomer, admitting that he had “no evidence” of claims he made that he had tampered with voting machines.

Coomer filed a defamation lawsuit last December against Newsmax, One America News Network, OANN correspondent Chanel Rion, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and others, for the allegations they made against him after the election.

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House Republicans have accused Cheney of dividing the Republican conference with his criticism of Trump.

Cheney is the Speaker of the House Republican Conference, the third-highest in the House Republican leadership, and some lawmakers have threatened to try to impeach her.

She has already survived a similar vote earlier this year and it is unclear if House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy will bring another against her.

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