Lo Celso’s goal in Tottenham’s victory

Lo Celso sealed the two to zero.

Buenos Aires (NA) – José Mourinho’s Tottenham beat Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City yesterday with a goal from Giovani Lo Celso, 2-0, and reached the top of the Premier League standings when they played partially the ninth date. Today Leeds United of Argentine Marcelo Bielsa plays.

Meanwhile, Chelsea beat Newcastle 2-0 and remained as Tottenham’s guard alongside Leicester City.

In turn, Manchester United beat West Bromwich 1-0, while Brighton And Hove beat Aston Villa 2-1.

With these results, the leader is Tottenham with 20 points, followed by Chelsea and Leicester City, both with 18, and Liverpool accumulates 17 units.

The goals of the South Korean Son Heung-Min and the Argentine Lo Celso allowed Tottenham to beat Manchester City 2-0 and thus be the leader, albeit temporarily, of the standings.

The Chelsea led by Frank Lampard does not want to lose footing the pointer and beat irregular Newcastle as a visitor by 2 to 0, with the goals of the Argentine Federico Fernández, against his fence, and Tammy Abraham.

Brighton And Hove gave the surprise by beating Aston Villa at home by 2 to 1, with the goals of Danny Welbeck and Solly March, while Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, discounted for the local, where the Argentine Emiliano Martínez saved.

Portuguese Bruno Fernándes’ penalty allowed Manchester United to beat West Bromwich 1-0, although the “reds” are still far from the leaders.

The date will continue today with the matches between: Fulham-Everton, Sheffield United-West Ham, Leeds United-Arsenal, Liverpool-Leicester City, and tomorrow will be completed with the clashes between Burnley-Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton-Southampton.

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