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Bentley boss Adrian Hallmark is preparing the brand for a hard Brexit and is open to working with Audi. “This is an opportunity for us,” he says in an interview with Automobilwoche. But nothing has been decided yet.

From Frank Johannsen

Adrian Hallmark: The Bentley driver wants to convert the British VW subsidiary into a pure electric brand. (Photo: Bentley)

Bentley will become an electric brand in 2030. The twelve-cylinder W12 engine could even disappear before that. That’s what CEO Adrian Hallmark said in an interview with Automobilwoche. He is calm about a closer connection to Audi, which is planned according to information from the Automobilwoche 2021. “We see it very positively, in whatever direction it will go.” Mr. Hallmark, 2019 was a really good …


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