Logitech's new Ergo K860 split keyboard expands its ergonomic range of accessories

Logitech's new Ergo K860 split keyboard expands its ergonomic range of accessories

Logitech has made its way into the ergonomic mouse space for some time, with hardware such as the MX Ergo and MX Vertical mice. He is now looking to expand his ergonomic accessories into the keyboard space with the launch of the Ergo K860 split keyboard.

Logitech says the Ergo K860’s design “reduces muscle tension on the wrists and forearms” compared to traditional keyboards due to the palm rest and the curved split-key design.

Just like the Logitech Craft and MX Keys keyboards are meant to be the natural counterparts of the MX Master 3 mouse, the Ergo K860 is designed to pair with the company’s MX Ergo and MX Vertical mice. Like those other ergonomic products, the goal of Ergo K860 is to offer a product with comfort and stress reduction in mind that looks and feels like a professional high-end product.

Image: Logitech

The integrated palm rest is made up of three layers of material: one of high density foam, one of memory foam and the last of an “easy to clean” coated fabric (that part of cleaning is important, since the palm rest is not ‘removable. ). Instead of an adjustable stand on the back of the keyboard, the Ergo K860 features concealed clips hidden at the base of the palm rest to raise the front of the keyboard higher, with two angle settings.

The keyboard itself can connect to a Mac or Windows PC via a direct Bluetooth connection or via an included USB dongle, with support for up to three devices simultaneously. The Ergo K860 also supports Logitech’s Flow software to easily switch between devices, assuming you are using a compatible mouse (like any corresponding MX Logitech MX series device).

Logitech says the Ergo K860 should last up to two years of battery life from a pair of AAA batteries, which highlights the main drawbacks of the keyboard: there is no rechargeable battery and integrated backlight for the keys, two things that are disappointed to see a $ 130 keyboard missing.

The Ergo K860 will be available this month for $ 129.99 on the Logitech website and on Amazon, with retail availability scheduled for February.

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