No one is allowed to enter the airport unless he has a boarding pass (Image:

Today, climate change protests begin their fourth day and Extinction Rebellion warns of a Hong Kong-style occupation of London City Airport.

Dozens of policemen have arrived at the transport hub before the planned demonstration in the terminal building of the airport.

Activists plan to lie in front of the departure and arrival gates, to sit or to stick.

However, no one is allowed to enter the airport unless he has a boarding pass.

With a strong police presence, they have announced that they will block the access road and the DLR station of the airport if they do not enter the building.

The latest protest is against the climate impact of flying and continued government support for airport expansion.

Police conversation with demonstrators ahead of today's planned demonstrations at London City Airport (Image:
Only persons with a boarding pass are allowed in the terminal = (Image:
Police across the UK have been drafted to help with the protests (Image:

Rupert Read, spokesman for the Extinction Rebellion, said: "By non-violently closing this airport to pay tribute to the style of Hong Kong protesters, we demonstrate the utter weakness of the transport systems that countries such as ours have been unwise to rely on. & # 39;

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The group said hundreds of people have already registered to participate in the protest, which appears to be "using their bodies non-violently" to close the airport.

The participants are ready to be arrested to achieve their goal.

Hundreds of police officers from across England and Wales are being drafted to assist the city police in the protests that are now taking place on the third day.

Since Monday, activists have been camping around Parliament Square and Whitehall urging action against climate change and wildlife.

London City Airport prepares for a few days of Extinction Rebellion disruption (Image:
Before the planned demonstration was from this morning on a large police presence (Image:
The airport is currently surrounded by police. If the protesters can not get in, they will block the streets and the DLR line. (Image:

The city police confirmed that since Monday 800 people were arrested and on Wednesday, another 220 people were arrested.

Laurence Taylor, deputy city police deputy commissioner, said there were plans to intervene and "proactively" deal with anyone intending to close the airport.

A spokesman for London City Airport said they had worked with Met police to prepare for the protests. All passengers would need to show their boarding pass to gain access to the terminal.

The protesters have been causing a stir in downtown London all week (Photo:
Extinction rebellion has announced plans to stage Hong Kong protests at the airport (Image: Getty)
Protesters camped in Whitehall before returning to Trafalgar Square earlier this week (Image: PA)