London –

A beating attack on a lesbian couple on a London double-decker bus has caused a stir far beyond the UK. Five juvenile suspects were released on bail only once. They have to make an appointment in early July, as Scotland Yard announced on Saturday night. After further suspects are not currently being searched.

The suspects between the ages of 15 and 18 are said to have abused homosexual spokesmen for the women from the USA and Uruguay on May 30 and to have beaten them hospitalized. According to the police, alleged perpetrators are accused of assault and theft – they also took a bag and a cell phone from the two women.

Significant increase in homophobic attacks

One of the women published a picture of herself and her friend after the incident on Facebook. The admission with the bloodied faces caused horror. Both Prime Minister Theresa May and London Mayor Sadiq Khan strongly condemned the attack.

Internationally, many media and social media users took up the issue and spread the image of injured women. In Germany, ARD host Anne Will tweeted: "So bad." According to police statistics, the reported homophobic attacks in the British capital have increased significantly: the number of cases increased from 1488 in 2014 to 2308 last year.

Incident also in Berlin

Also in Germany there are always homophobic attacks. On Sunday morning, a man allegedly attacked a lesbian couple in Berlin for a snack. The women (18 and 21) had argued, whereupon the man asked what was going on, reported the police on Monday. When he found out that they were a couple, he had the two homophobic abused. He should have hit both of them in the face. The police told the man he had just defended himself and pointed to scratches on his head. The state protection determined. (AP)