London Heathrow Airport introduces COVID-19 rate

London Heathrow Airport has introduced a COVID-19 rate as “UK one-off statutory charge” of around € 10 which will apply to all outbound passengers on all airlines, regardless of the cabin in which they travel and the distance of the trip. The most important infrastructure in London and the country expects to obtain revenues of 135 million euros per year, approximately. British Airways, as the facility’s reference airline, has already filed a complaint about the new tax.

This new charge it is in addition to all other taxes that are incorporated into the tickets of flights operated from Heathrow (some of which are airport specific and some of which apply to all UK airports), including air passenger fees, passenger service charges, etc.

Taxes at Heathrow currently represent almost half the cost of a 100 euro ticket. The tax may be adjusted in the future and the goal is to remove it before December 31, 2021, unlike the rest of the charges that the airport charges.

According to the airport spokesman, the tax is a “fee” and insists that it was not introduced to generate profits for the airport.

“Heathrow offers key airport services such as the baggage system, buddy parking, airline check-in counters and public services for our partners to use. The fee to use these services is calculated exclusively to cover the cost of providing them.. Heathrow gets absolutely no benefit from these services, “he assured.

He added that, to ensure that these services continue to be provided, the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) closely monitors the rate, as well as being reviewed and agreed with airport users on an annual basis, as was the case with this year’s rate. The cost per passenger to cover these services naturally fluctuates according to the number of passengers using the airport. “

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Heathrow reported that passenger traffic in July, for example, it fell 88% and reported a loss of 471 million pounds sterling (€ 538.37 million). It added that more than half of its 860,000 passengers in that month, they had traveled to European destinations free of quarantine. However, he said, the “vast majority” of its route network remains grounded due to quarantine rules in the UK..


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