Alexa Ivanisevic Y Abe Nemer They started this trend day with some news that went around social networks, and is that the influencer Barbara de Regil uploaded a series of stories to his Instagram in which he rejected the bad eating habits, sayings that were cause for attack by those who disagreed.

On other issues, Abe announced that Bauhaus could be back, because the four original members reported that they will be presented on November 3 in Los Angeles California, although they have not yet said if it is just a date or the start of a tour.

The drivers of Trend they were surprised with a story dedicated to those who love books and technology, because now there will be books with augmented reality, where the characters will come alive, making reading more attractive.

In sadder news, according to the Un the climate crisis could cause cities like London, New York Y Shanghai partially remain underwater in 80 years. The report predicted that if the global temperature reaches five degrees Celsius, the increase in the average sea level would exceed two meters, a situation that will worsen by the year 2100.

On the other hand, Alexa celebrated that this 16 of September two women will make history, and that will be the first pilots that are part of the Mexican Air Force Squadron of the Military Parade. They are Karen Velázquez, who will be on board a Supersonic F5 aircraft and Miriam Martínez, who will be the first female commander in such an event.

Alexa and Abe conducted an interview with a psychiatrist who studies the depression, so we invite you to watch this broadcast of Trend and find out other news from trend.

By: Heraldo TV Digital Writing


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