London opts for “caution” in the deconfinement plan in England

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LONDON (Sputnik) – English students will return to classrooms on March 8 in the first phase of the new plan to defuse restrictions against COVID-19, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to announce throughout the day .

“Returning children to school has always been our priority, because it is crucial for their education, as well as for their physical and mental well-being, and we will also prioritize ways for people to reunite safely with their loved ones,” he said the conservative president.

Johnson promised to reactivate social and economic life “cautiously” and in accordance with the latest clinical and scientific data on the evolution of the pandemic.

“We will make decisions based on the latest data and we will act very cautiously in our approach so that we do not undo the progress we have made so far and the sacrifices each of you have made to stay safe,” he added.

Russian vaccine Sputnik V against coronavirus - Sputnik World, 1920, 19.02.2021

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The prime minister tries to avoid the mistakes of the past, when the alleged accelerated reopening of the economy and relaxation of restrictions triggered the numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths as a result of the coronavirus.

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The roadmap, which contemplates advancing four stages, will be ratified at the Cabinet meeting scheduled for this February 22.

The prime minister himself will reveal the details of the plan in the Parliament of Westminster before leading a press conference, televised, from his official residence in Downing Street.

The plan coordinated by Johnson is limited to England and the first phase, which starts in two weeks, includes the return to school of all schoolchildren and the outdoor meetings of two people from different residential centers.
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland They manage their own calendar of measures to face the pandemic, with schools reopening their classrooms to all pupils on alternative dates, from this Monday 22 until mid-March.

More than 17.6 million people – around a third of the UK’s adult population – had received the first dose of the vaccine by Sunday the 21st.

The conservative government is confident that the adult population – some 53 million residents – will have the opportunity to get their first injection by the end of July. I had initially set this inoculation target for the fall.


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