London-Paris: 7 films in which the city plays a major role

Many directors make the protagonist the city in which the film takes place, whether it is high-rise New York, foggy London or the mysterious Vatican. The atmosphere of these cities affects the heroes and, of course, the audience. Especially for TeleSatellite, the tvzavr Internet cinema tells about 7 films where the city has been given a solo part.

London Fields

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Nicola Sixx can see the future. The heroine knows that one of the three lovers will soon kill her, but she continues her dangerous game. Amber Heard performed the fatal beauty in the rich and poor quarters of London, in expensive restaurants and cheap pubs, as well as in the background of the famous November lights. London, like Nicola, will seduce viewers.

Paris Manhattan

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Alice has the love of a lifetime – this is Woody Allen. The portrait of the director in her room leads witty conversations with the heroine, but cannot tell her how to become happy and meet her love. However, after meeting with Victor, it seems that life is getting better. Sweethearts are waiting for romantic walks in the gardens of Paris, breakfasts and dinners overlooking the Eiffel Tower. This city seems to be made for love.

"Angels and Demons"

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The Vatican City-State infrequently becomes the scene of a film. In this picture, he plays an important role. Religious symbolist Robert Langdon must stop the Illuminati who are trying to intervene in the Vatican's important event – the choice of a new Pope. Spectators will again find interesting puzzles, fascinating stories and Tom Hanks in the guise of a professor at Harvard.

"Treasure of the nation"

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The city of Washington has many secrets. The treasure hunter Ben Gates knows about this. He is trying to find a treasure hidden by the founding fathers of the American state several centuries ago. Ben will kidnap the US Declaration of Independence and unravel the secrets of the Templars and Masons. Starring Nicholas Cage and Diana Krueger.


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In New York, it’s not possible to get past shop windows that lure their customers. The young journalist Rebecca is trying to fight her addiction to shopping and, ironically, is arranged as a correspondent in a business magazine. She has to hide her love for shopping, which becomes more difficult with the appearance of the handsome Luc in her life.

“Marry two days”

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The shooting of this picture took place in Belgium, Kenya and Russia. The main character Isabelle, in order to break the family curse, must marry the unloved person for the first time, divorce, and only then go down the aisle with her lover. As her husband, she chooses the simpleton Jean-Yves, who does not even suspect Isabelle of deceit. Together they will visit sunny Kenya and winter Moscow, which will be especially pleasant for Russian viewers.


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Spectators of this comedy are not waiting for the standard views of Las Vegas, but a lot of adventures and the other side of the city in Nevada: clinics, police stations and parking lots. Friends arrived at the bachelor party, waking up the next day, they find a baby and a chicken in the hotel room. But the worst thing is that the groom disappeared. Now, after the hangover, the heroes must restore the events of yesterday.