Brice Bonneviale, Marseillais native of Lyon, is preparing to connect London to Paris in triathlon. The forty-year-old tells us about his training, his hopes and his tricks to keep a steel mind.

"Basically, I'm not an athlete. I have been running for six years and started triathlon just three years ago. Says Brice Bonneviale, 48 years old from Marseilles. The athlete is preparing today to join London in Paris in triathlon.

London-Paris target in 65 hours

Sixty-five hours is the time that Brice intends to devote to this crazy crossing. "The record is sixty hours but it's not my goal. The idea is to live this race thoroughly and to fully enjoy each event. It's an adventure above all, "says the athlete.

Brice will begin his race at Marble Arch in London, on the evening of June 19th, to join the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. On the program: running between London and Dover for 144 km, crossing the Channel to swim, without a break, for 34 km, then cycling from Calais to Paris, a journey of 290 km. Although there are about ten participants, the race is done alone. Departures take place from June to September.

Self-hypnosis to gain endurance

"It's been three and a half years since I started training! Explains the athlete. Since September, these sports sessions last on average fifteen hours per week.

A whole team accompanies him in his project: sports coaches, nutritionists, an osteopath specialized in Chinese energy, Anne Studer, in charge of coordinating all this little world, and even a coach meditation and hypnosis. This is one of the secrets of his endurance: "I learned self-hypnosis to recover effectively. Ten minutes of rest under hypnosis equivalent to four hours of sleep. Hypnosis helps to condition one's brain to regenerate one's body.

Learn to swim in very cold waters

Crossing the English Channel is a separate training. With such cold water, hypothermia is never far away. The athlete has therefore prepared his body all winter. "I practiced swimming in very cold waters to get used to withstanding such temperatures. "A preparation that interferes even in the private life of the athlete. Brice did not turn on his heating all winter. "At least I would have made savings," he jokes.

No question of resting before departure. Last weekend, Brice swam four hours Saturday and eight Sunday. The man hopes to make the crossing in eighteen hours and continues by declaring: "I am not a great swimmer. A humble spirit for an ambitious challenge.