London wants an agreement with the EU “but not at any price”

The United Kingdom reiterates that it is important to reach a trade agreement with the European Union (EU) in the final leg of Brexit.

However, he insists that this eventual pact would not be at any price, and that London has plans for all possible scenarios in the coming months.

In a television interview, UK Finance Secretary Rishi Sunak stated that the final stretch negotiations of the Brexi are still underway, with the aim of making possible a commercial agreement that defines the rules of future business between London and the community bloc. But not at any price.

The head of finance for the United Kingdom acknowledged that the country faces a lot of pressure and financial stress, but clarified that a large part of these difficulties are rooted in the coronavirus pandemic and not in the Brexi. Even so, he announced that the new budget plan does not foresee austerity measures.

Sunak will soon announce the country’s highest public debt since World War II, after the UK suffered its biggest economic crisis in more than 300 years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Economists believe that the British government will finance itself with loans of around 400 billion pounds this year, approaching 20% ​​of its gross domestic product.

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