British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said the government of the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is exploring the possibility of introducing direct rule of London in Northern Ireland in the event of the implementation of a “tough” Brexit scenario. He said this on Monday, July 29, on the BBC.

“The question will be how realistic this is. I know that Julian Smith (Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. – Ed.) Will be very attentive to him, ”Raaba quotes The Independent.

It became known on the eve that the UK government has stepped up preparations for secession from the European Union without concluding a deal against the backdrop of Brussels' reluctance to revise a previously adopted draft agreement.

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, Acting Special Minister, on July 28 wrote in his article for The Sunday Times that Brexit’s chance without a deal is very likely and Britain should be ready for this move.

On July 25, the European Union announced that they would not fulfill the terms of the new Brexit agreement on conditions in response to a proposal by Boris Johnson to remove the clause on the so-called back-stop mechanism from draft agreements with the EU. Accordingly, Northern Ireland may remain part of the EU Customs Union if, until the end of the transitional period, the parties find a decision on the border between Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and the Republic of Ireland (EU member).

July 24, Boris Johnson took office as Prime Minister of Great Britain. In his keynote speech, he stated that he was determined to withdraw the country from the European Union on October 31 “without any buts.”

Northern Ireland is part of the UK and is located in the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland. According to the Crown of Ireland Act of 1542, English monarchs hold the post of head of state, but Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom that can constitutionally leave the state through a popular referendum.