London’s Coronavirus live: the school is forced to close and the “indisposed” teacher is being tested as the terror of the virus continues

Schoolchildren all over the city are warned to stay home if they have returned from areas affected by the coronavirus.

Pupils from an increasing number of London schools are quarantined for fear of viruses, while several companies have sent workers home.

To date, pupils from schools in different parts of London, while at least three companies have sent workers home, including the Chevron oil company which closed its 300-worker office in Canary Wharf, with reports that one worker was experiencing symptoms.

The last school to send a warning to pupils is Kingston’s Latchmere School. A parent from the school shared a message with MyLondon saying that a teacher was told to self quarantine.

The e-mail revealed that the teacher was not feeling well and, since her son had returned from a recent school trip to northern Italy, the school decided that it was better for her not to go back to work until she was subjected to test.

The statement reads: “Today he will participate in the screening pod and will not go back to school until he has a clear result.”

Latchmere School was contacted for comment.

A school in Dulwich was also forced to close after pupils fell ill after a trip to Northern Italy.

This is the first school in the capital to end virus fears.

Italy has become the epicenter of the virus in Europe with 300 cases and 11 deaths so far. The northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto were the most affected.

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