Leo Bonatini did not impress his new fans when he made his full debut for Nottingham Forest after leaving the Wolverhampton Wanderers on his deadline.

The Brazilian had no influence on Wolves in the Premier League and was allowed to switch with Forest in the championship.

The 24-year-old started his first game against Brentford after being knocked out of the bench by last week's defeat by Birmingham City.

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What's up with wolves?

Bonatini, who scored 12 goals in the Wolves title-winning season, was played in a role behind the striker and struggled to find the pace of the game.

In the first half, he missed a chance at guilt as Forest seemed to double the lead in the first half.

After an uninspired 45 minutes, Bonatini was pulled off at halftime.

fan reaction

@IlkestonRed – Negative: Janko is beaten far too easily. Bonatini looks like he has never played.

@DaveHolmes – Bonatini glanced at it, milosevic had brilliant tactic 1 (he let them keep coming on goal), should come up with more, but was great today! Deffo take that against Brentford

@Frakthetank – I like that Yates adds the much-needed bite in midfield, but Bonatini looks lost

@tsklierenko – I know that we are currently winning, but you can feel the equalizer. Bonatini looks a long way off.

@ jez100 – Bonatini was poor, missed an open goal, very light and did not support Grabban as much as he should

@ Reuben_th – Yes, Bonatini was shitty today, but to fearing him, he played CAM when he was more of a target man. He was a good forward for Wolves last season.

@BankzyNFFC – Chances that we send Goncalves and Bonatini back?

@Stuuuu_nffc – Bonatini is going to be fine … it's not easy to get into a big club after wolves

@_jwynny – A very good football game. Bonatini is so bad, hahahahaha

@TheJWJW – Imagine, if Carv would play and not Bonatini …….. we would be 3: 0 now

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