‘Lota’ degrades to a tropical storm as it passes through Nicaragua

MIAMI, United States.- Hurricane ‘Lota’, which reached category 4, out of a maximum of 5, lost strength after entering Nicaragua and became a level 2 tropical storm on the Saffir-Simpson scale, said this Tuesday the National Hurricane Center of the United States.

According to a note from the EFE news agency, the now tropical storm, which has caused serious damage in Nicaragua, is moving towards the east of the country at a speed of about 15 km / h, and is expected to maintain this trajectory for the following days.

Likewise, the center of the hurricane turned into a tropical storm will enter northern Nicaragua and later move through southern Honduras, where it will arrive on Tuesday night or early Wednesday.

The atmospheric phenomenon, which maintains maximum sustained winds of about 165 km / h, with eventually stronger gusts, despite having decreased its category, it is believed that it can weaken throughout Wednesday, quickly, and totally dissipate in Central America.

‘Lota’, which had winds of 250 km / h, caused innumerable damage in its wake, and smashed roofs of houses, collapsed the power line and flooded dozens of streets in the northern Caribbean of Nicaragua, where it made landfall on Monday in the night.

According to a preliminary report by the Nicaraguan authorities, there were gusts of strong winds, rainfall, falling trees, light poles and detachment of roofs, and the damage has yet to be quantified.

‘Iota’ entered near Haulover, on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, home to about 350 families with 1,750 people, mostly indigenous people of Miskito origin, a community dedicated to artisanal fishing and tourism, who were entirely evacuated and where there is still no report of the damage, the note reads.

For his part, Guillermo González, co-director of the National System for the Prevention, Mitigation and Attention of Disasters (Sinapred) of Nicaragua, affirmed on Monday that they managed to evacuate more than 40 thousand people in 250 shelters before the impact of the hurricane, “and one quite similar number of solidarity houses, including churches ”.

The meteorological phenomenon arrived in Nicaragua just over a week after Eta, also category 4, left in its wake some 1,890 destroyed houses and another 8,30 with partial damage.

With information from EFE

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