Louise Minchin, 50, presenter of the BBC breakfast, pointed out that Keira Knightley, 34, was late for her scheduled interview on the show over Extinction Rebellion demonstrators protesting in London this week.

The actress, however, said she was "glad" to be late for the show because she supported the activists of Extinction Rebellion.

Demonstrators were spotted in several locations in London last week, including outside the BBC building.

Louise said to Keira: "Right now, we're sitting here and you were a bit late with what's going on with Extinction Rebellion."

She then questioned Keira's opinion on the cause and added, "What do you think of what you do?"

Keira replied, "I think it's great, I was very happy to be late and put on the market for Extinction Rebellion.

"I think they're right, we have to do something, right?"

Louise then asked Keira about her thoughts on people whose journeys had been disrupted by the demonstrators.

The actress replied, "There is this point of view, but we have to do something.

"As long as it's peaceful protests, I'm in favor of peaceful protests and we need a traffic system that does not pollute our atmosphere so we have a world to live on, otherwise we will not have any."

Despite Keira's delay, Louise went to Twitter to praise the actress after her interview.

In the light of her 167,000 followers, she wrote, "Wow Keira Knightley is a whirlwind.

"I talked to her today about how she manages to be a second mom, pajamas, protests and her new movie" Official Secrets. "

Many of Louise's followers flocked to her post office for comments.

One user wrote: "Two beautiful talented ladies!"

"The two most beautiful people in the world on TV, together!" Added a second.

A third commented, "Great interview and praise @louiseminchin for seeing the time."

Earlier this week, Louise Minchin announced that she had sneaked into the BBC studios in sneakers.

Her secret move came after her participation last weekend in the Breca Swimrun, which consisted of nine floats and nine runs.

BBC Breakfast will continue on BBC at 6am tomorrow.