A violent "lout" was jailed for killing a Liverpool FC fan after the 2019 UEFA Champions League final.

Bulgarian national Ventsislav Marginov, 51, was returning home after watching the match when James Gelling, 32, hit him on the back of the head.

The force of the blow meant that the father hit his head against the ground and fractured his skull after the attack on Southport, Merseyside, on June 1st.

He died three days later.

Ventsislav Marginov, 51, was with his sons when he was punched in the back of his neck
Ventsislav Marginov, 51, was with his sons when he was punched in the back of his neck

Gelling admitted Mr. Marginov's manslaughter.

Judge Andrew Menary, who sentenced the defendant to six years in prison, said: "You are a dumbass who are just getting into trouble and it's people like you who are making cities like Southport hostile environments on Fridays and Saturday nights. "

John McDermott QC, in charge of the lawsuits, said the defendant and the victim had both attended the match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, in Southport, when their paths intersected outside the hotel. Scarisbrick around 22:45.

Gelling, who had taken cocaine that night, went to Mr. Marginov and his group, which included his two sons, Hristo and Stanimir, was heard by the Liverpool Crown Court.

Judge Menary stated that the Marginov group had been "quite peaceful" and "essentially occupied their own affairs" when they had had the "terrible misfortune" of meeting Gelling and his friends.

He continued: "Without good reason, perhaps because one of the deceased's group members looked badly at one of you, maybe because someone heard their foreign accents , perhaps for no reason, one of your friends started attacking one of the other group. "

The court heard one of Gelling 's companions punch one of Mr. Marginov' s sons before witnesses saw the assassin deliver the fatal blow to him. back of the victim's head.

Passenger James Hinton said in a statement: "The older guy did not even know it would happen and had no way to defend himself."

The judge told Gelling of Hampton Road in Southport, who had acknowledged manslaughter: "This was a cowardly attack against an older, defenseless man.

"He did not threaten you at all."

Witnesses recounted seeing Gelling cover his face after the attack and take off after entering the nearby Maloney bar where he had been seen "laughing".

In an interview with the police, Gelling told police officers: "I am not arrested when he dies or he dies, he is permanently injured, quibbled, I do not do a f ** * ".

In a statement, Mr Marginov's wife, Branimira, said that the chemicals specialist had moved to England in 2015.

She said, "He was a quiet man, he loved reading books." His son Hristo said, "It destroyed us."

Judge Menary said, "He was clearly intelligent, reading and highly qualified, and he came to this country with his wife and children to rebuild his life."

Paul Becker, on defense, stated that Gelling had a hectic childhood, but was taking alcohol awareness, violence reduction, and thinking skills classes in the school. hope to solve his problems.

Gelling, handcuffed to the dock, was found guilty of violence at the age of 11, the court said.

Judge Menary stated that he "had no doubt" about the fact that Gelling was dangerous when he sentenced with an extended four-year license term.

He stated: "Your criminal record is a serious aggravating factor, as it testifies to your willingness to engage in totally unjustified aggression and violence."