‘Love is in the air’: A hot tub and a sexy massage put Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin in trouble – News of series

The Turkish radio and television control agency has imposed a fine on fiction for showing adult content. But is it so bad?

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A hot tub and a sexy massage have put Love is in the air in trouble. A scene where Kerem Bürsin Y Hande Ercel They have a romantic date has forced the production to pay a fine imposed by the Turkish Radio and Television Control Agency. The reason? It is too sensual content that goes against Turkish family traditions and social values.

If we see it with a Spanish mentality, the sequence is nothing to write home about. Just a couple who enjoy a time for themselves, but for the authorities of the country it is too much. They consider that it damages the culture of Turkey and they do not want their own fiction to transmit this type of message.

The agency’s decision prompted a movement by fans of the series to defend the leading actors. There were many viewers who used a hashtag to ask that Love is in the air was bought by Netflix. In this way, they could include all the risque scenes that the script required without having to pay fines of any kind. But it has also generated contrary reactions. Some were angry with the production for including scenes that they consider “unjustified” and inappropriate for a family series.

A third group also emerged that claimed that chemistry between Kerem Bürsin Y Hande Ercel in this scene it is not feigned. Rumors about a possible relationship between the protagonists have been around the series since it began to air and, on numerous occasions, the actors have denied the romance. The sparks you see on screen are the result of the scripts. Nothing more. However, there are those who still dream of a real romance and, for them, that scene is the key.

For that group of fans, there will always be the most romantic moments of the Turkish soap opera. When Serkan Bolat played guitar for Eda, his declaration of love at sunset, his date in Antalya …

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‘Love is in the air’: The most romantic moments of Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel

In case you’re wondering, the jacuzzi scene belongs to episode 28. In Spain the episodes are broadcast in three batches, so we have actually only seen a small part of the fiction. There is still a little left until we get to see the moment in question.

As always, you can see the new episodes of Love is in the air on Telecinco from Monday to Wednesday at 10pm. At Divinity you can enjoy them from Monday to Friday at 5.45pm -the time has changed. And, if you missed it, you have a chance on Thursdays at 0.40am, when they broadcast the entire episode. In addition, they are on the Mitele streaming platform.

If, while you wait for new episodes of the Turkish telenovela, you want to see other types of content, remember that you can still get your annual subscription to Disney + for € 69.99 -or € 6.99 / month-. Subscribe now and save more than 20% compared to the new price of € 8.99 / month or € 89.90 / year.

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