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The Turkish series are the revelation of the end of 2020 and everything indicates that they will continue reaping successes in 2021. With Antenna 3 with a double bet on this format with Woman and My daughter, Telecinco has jumped into the pool and this Monday has issued the first chapter of Love is in the air (You Knock My Door, in its original title) a telenovela with which it intends to compete with the Atresmedia series.

At its premiere, Love is in the air he was not as lucky as My daughter, the predecessor of Woman. In fact, Mediaset’s bet only managed to add 7.3% of the share in the main channel, which increases to 11.1% if the viewers who saw the beginning of Turkish fiction on Divinity, FDF, BeMad and Energy are added; while My daughter, On the day of its premiere, it sat almost three million people in front of the television with a 17.2% screen share.

However, keep in mind that fiction faced a great competitor, The Hormiguero by Pablo Motos on his return to the new season, so it is difficult to predict one future or another for the series that Telecinco has issued.

Another mystery: the number of chapters

What also it’s a mystery to date are the chapters it will have Love is in the air. The series, which continues to air in Turkey, continues recording right now, so it is difficult to predict how long the producer will try to extend it. The only thing that can be assured at this time and that Telecico has revealed is that on FOX, the network that broadcasts it in their country of origin, viewers have been able to enjoy 26 episodes of 120 minutes duration each one of them.

What is also not known with certainty is what will be the broadcast plan that Telecinco will follow with the progress of the weeks. Will you choose to broadcast the chapters divided into two parts of 60 minutes each? Or if the format is reaping successes from audiences, will it divide it into three?

A great love story

Love is in the air has arrived in Spain supported by its success in Turkey, where it has become a true mass phenomenon that from the first day of its broadcast became a Trending Topic on social networks and has catapulted to fame – even more so – to the actors who star in it.

It is a full-blown romantic series that tells the love story between Eda (Hande Ercel) and Serkan (Kerem Bürsin). She is a young woman who, despite having lost her parents at a very young age, is always optimistic and full of vitality. She is a good student, very sociable and with a big heart to whom his main dream has been truncated: to study architecture abroad.

He, Kerem Bürsin, is an ambitious architect and entrepreneur who is obsessed with winning. He moves like a fish in water in the world of business and work and success are the engines of his life until he meets Eda.

Then their paths cross and although they seem to be made for each other, the couple cannot stand each other. Of course, fate plays against them and in an unpredictable way they will be forced to fake a betrothal which will bring a lot of queue.

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